Bass Fishing Texas: Top 5 Places for a Weekend Trip

Bass fishing and Texas go together like Kevin VanDam and winning or Jordan Lee and MLF 2-minute penalties. So, when compiling a list of the best lakes for bass fishing Texas, you really have to look and pick through a lot of fantastic fisheries, many of which would rank highly, or even on top of lists in other states. 

Picking just 5 fisheries was difficult due to the mass amount of fisheries that deserve to be talked about and have great cases for being called a Top 5 lake in Texas. But, with that being said the following list, displays the pure wonder and diversity that is Texas bass fishing. Texas, in my opinion, is the best state in the country for bass fishing. With a large number of diverse fisheries that produce quality bass of all three bass species (Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Spotted) and huge community that just loves fishing. I don’t think there is a better state in this great country that is as awesome as bass fishing in the Lonestar state.

Bass Fishing Texas: Sam Rayburn 

Kicking off our list for the best lake in Texas is Lake Sam Rayburn. Sam Rayburn is not only the best lake in Texas but, in my opinion, the country! (The St. Lawrence is a river.) This 114,500 acre lake sits in Jasper County in East Texas and is home to big bass and lots of them. Sam Rayburn has it all, from deep water ledges to submerged cover in inches of water and everything in between. 

Now while being such a diverse fishery that really can cater to any kind of fisherman, Sam Rayburn is where the grass fishermen thrive. Loaded with hydrilla, and seas of it, large populations of giant bass hide and feed in and out of the weed lines of Sam Rayburn. “Find the Grass,” was a phrase I became too familiar with when researching how to fish this largemouth bass factory. 

Throwing weedless baits like Texas rigged soft plastics and shaky head worms are some go to baits for catching both quality and quantity on Sam Rayburn. But, don’t forget about the bass staging in deep water either. As with any lake, there is always a solid population of bass out in deeper water. So, when the dog days of summer arrive or the brisk cold winter air makes its way down south, baits like deep crankbaits, Carolina rigs (specifically a Chartreuse Pepper Bubble Fry) and heavy footballs jigs are great choice for working those deep-water structures. 

With an excellent population of good quality bass and plenty of giant bucketmouths lurking around, Sam Rayburn is a magical bass fishery where anglers can just flat out smash them. 

If you’re a fisherman anywhere in the country, you need to make Lake Sam Rayburn a vacation destination. Just be prepared to have some of the best fishing of your life.

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